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‘Unprecedented Times’ – an equation for potential

by Helen Milner, Play CoLab alumni

When I first heard the name Covid-19 I felt it was the perfect name for a covert operation, and maybe it is…

In centuries past, the phrase “Black Swan” meant something was impossible. At the time and within the known world there were only White Swans. People used the phrase “Black Swan” as we use the colloquialism “Until hell freezes over”, today, for things that will NEVER happen!

Then, in 1606, Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon discovered Australia and the impossible became possible. Black Swans really did exist – the world changed. From that time on “Black Swan Moments” have marked major paradigm shifts in our universe, our lives, behaviour and thinking.

The Covid-19 era is one of these moments and with it has come a new phrase du jour — “Unprecedented Times”. Used daily by our leaders, reporters, friends and ourselves, it’s a term that scares some people, excites others and for many does both.

A tiny invader has turned our world upside down and thrown us into the deep unknown, sending us home to fight sickness, death and chaos – or, if we look at it another way, to survive, reflect and craft a new order. We can choose to fret about what we can’t control or focus our energies on what we can. We owe at least that much to those who have lost their lives, loved ones and livelihoods, not to mention those fighting for us on the front lines.

This got me thinking. What if we turned the term “Unprecedented Times” into a positive by making it an equation. unprecedented  x    ………………    =

How would you fill in the blank and what could it equate to?  Importantly – how would you activate the answer?

This is an invitation to start solving this brand new equation. 

Think macro, think micro, think the planet, think creatively, think scientifically, philosophically, economically, strategically, spiritually — of nature, of civilization, of social change, climate change and corporate change — think sustainably and socially, singularly and holistically, individually and collaboratively, – boldly and compassionately! Look inwardly and deep into the blue sky, secure in the knowledge that absolutely nothing is impossible.

Together we can co-create the paradigm shift we want to see in our world. So let’s get busy!

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