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Leadership@Play 2023

Course Information


A contemporary approach to leadership development

This foundational professional development course, Leadership@Play, is an introduction to the practice of conscious leadership. Individuals are matched with an appropriate group of people who work through this experience collectively.  This  "group process" aspect accelerates learning and development of the individual, beyond what is possible with one on one development, although coaching with two deeply experienced leadership coaches complements the process.


This course is also delivered to in-house executive teams. 


It can be delivered in-person or online.


After a period of time where leadership learnings can be integrated, those who have completed this Leadership@Play course are invited to be part of the Alumni@Play course.  The right timing of this immersive experience is different for everyone. Hence, the participant is matched with a new cohort which enables them to fall further and deeper into their leadership journey.


Leadership@Play 2023*

One Evening + Six days + half-day

Intro Evening: Setting the Scene

This evening session sets the tone for how the group will play over the months ahead.


Day One: The Inner Game 

This session nails the real habits of being that are keeping you both safe and stuck. It explores the concept of ego in relation to self and raises the critical question of who you really are beyond your conditioned identity. This is not about what you are doing as a leader but who you are being as a leader.

NB: The group enjoys an early dinner with one another as part of Day One.

Day Two: The Impact of your Inner Game 

All participants will undergo a 360 evaluation using The Leadership Circle Profile to understand their leadership strengths and further clarify potential de-railers. This workshop unpacks the Leadership Circle Profile so you fully understand which conscious ways of being will potentially propel you forward and which habitual (unconscious) behaviours will hold you back.

> Break and Coaching and individual debrief with Jenny Devine 

Day 3: The Outer Game of Communication 

Increasingly leadership is understood as a balance of exceptional people and task competency, hence this two-day module focuses on the most critical leadership skill of communication. We introduce  a framework and toolkit to immediately enhance the participants’ ability to a) ask questions which unlock possibility, b) listen to understand a situation more fully, and c) hold a room with a more impactful presence.

Day 4: The Outer Game of Communication cont.

> Break and Coaching with Sandy Burgham
Day 5: Transitioning to Conscious Leadership

This session reflects on all the concepts explored within the framework of adult development. It explores the concept of The Hero's Journey and challenges the participant to consider what is required in order to flourish in their life and leadership.  Note that at this point the group has begun a process of peer coaching to support their on-going development.

> Break

​Day 6: Final Day - Integration

This session includes a course review and a powerful open feedback session where the participant is given specific information from the group regarding their impact on group process.  It equips the participant with the support structures to continue with their own growth/evolutionary process including a leadership intention for their journey beyond the course.   We conclude with a celebratory dinner.

Half-day Review and Reboot

It is human nature that once released into the world without the structure and support of the course to anchor you, it is easy to be pulled back into a vortex of old realities and this includes old behaviours. So, six months after course and peer coaching completion, the group is invited back to explore the impact of the experience, review key concepts and re-orient you back on your intended path if need be. 

 Dates and Details for 2023 NZ*

  • Cost per participant $8,500 plus GST
    Includes coaching, workshops, The Leadership Circle evaluation and all other admin expenses.

  • Location: Play CoLab, Level 8, 187 Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Lead Facilitators/Coaches: Sandy Burgham & Jenny Devine. Each group consists of around 8 people from different sectors.

  • DATES:  

Introduction evening:  Monday May 8, 5pm-9pm

Day One:  Tuesday May 9, 9am-8pm (includes dinner)

Day Two: Wednesday May 10,  9am-5pm

Day Three: Wednesday May 24, 9am-5pm

Day Four: Thursday May 25, 9am- 5pm

Day Five: Tuesday June 13, 9am-5pm

Day Six:  Tuesday July 4 9am-9pm (includes dinner)

Review and Reboot half-day: decided by group

*These course dates refer to the 2023  in-person programme offered in Auckland, NZ. Contact us to enquire about the programmes run within organisations as either online or in-person experiences. 

Is Leadership@Play right for you? 

  • You may be a Divisional Head or CEO/MD depending on the organisation and sector. You may have had some professional development or leadership coaching already but sense the need for something perhaps deeper and more fundamental to shift the way you play.

  • You are self-aware enough to know that repeated patterns may be tripping you up and may even have had some feedback about your leadership that has left you flummoxed or out of ideas on how to really shift you and your team’s output and impact.

  • You could do with some sort of “toolkit” for immediate use to enhance how you play with others and perform in the workplace.

  • You are fully prepared to be challenged in a safe environment.

  • And you might be aware of a nagging voice at the back of your head that says “so, now what?”

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