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Re-centre. Re-focus. Re-ignite.

Our Alumni@Play offering has been shaped in collaboration with our alumni with the intent to support your continued growth.

We know that the sort of leadership development we offer can have a rocking chair effect, i.e. at some point during and après course, you will have experienced a centering in that desired self- authored way of being, only to find that a situation triggers your return to reactivity. That’s normal – a real change in developmental stage is always preceded by a number of state changes. 

So, this is an opportunity to both review your progress and restart a new phase of growth; we will revisit and expand on core concepts while supporting individuals to stretch into new desired ways of being. As always the power of the group process anchors, supports and directs the overall outcome.

Alumni groups tend to be powerful from the get-go because all present have undergone a fundamental shift, understand the concepts and are ready to play. 

Trust that we will curate the group with care, to ensure the right mix: enough commonality in life experiences but enough diversity of sector/personality/ background.

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An intensive, expansive group experience

Over a Wednesday evening, Thursday and Friday, the cohort will come together for a group coaching experience. Following that, a further 2 x 2-hour video calls will be scheduled to provide further group coaching and support.

It is likely the following material will be referred to and revisited but the Play CoLab approach will allow the group itself to drive the agenda.

  • Ego-Reactive – masks/shadows

  • The Leadership Circle

  • Conscious Communications

  • Flexing Leadership Styles

  • Executive Presence

  • Group and Team Development Reactive-Creative – the Hero’s Journey Systems and Culture

Lead facilitators: Jenny Devine and Sandy Burgham 


AUCKLAND: $1,850 plus gst per person
WELLINGTON: $2,250 plus gst per person

Includes – workshop, venue and administrative fees.

NB: there is an additional cost of $600 for those wanting to redo their Leadership Circle evaluation.