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Course Information

Deepening the Experience of Human Development

One Evening + Four Days

At its core, Alumni@Play, ponders the role and impact of the individual leader ‘from the personal to the global’: it more fully explores the impact of social conditioning and how that plays out in the midst of the various extrinsic systems the leaders finds themselves immersed in.


This powerful and life-changing four-day course uses a sense and respond approach i.e. While core concepts anchor each module, the participants themselves become key contributors to how  course content and structure is utilised. The possibilities are left open and the trajectory is handed over to the participants.

Intro Evening 

This evening session sets the tone for how the group will play over the months ahead. It is a more challenging introduction than course one as we find alumni groups tend to be ready to play more fully from the get-go.

Day One: Shadow Integration and False Beliefs 

Taking our lead from the evening session, this session dives straight into pattern-making and pattern-breaking. Group coaching techniques experienced  in Leadership@Play will be enacted to enable deeper insight into ego/self. Warning: triggers ahead…


Day Two: Deepening the understanding of Stages of Adult Development 

The Play CoLab leadership development approach can have a rocking chair effect on individuals i.e. At some point during and after the course, the  participant may experience a centering in a desired self-authored way of being, only to find that a situation triggers a return to patterned reactivity. This is normal – a real change in developmental stage is always preceded by a number of state changes.

This day introduces a deeper look at stages of adult development so participants can get a more specific understanding on how they are playing and why.

Day Three: Leading through Polarisation This session sharpens understanding of one's own tendency to be polarised, even unwittingly. It potentially disrupts entrenched worldviews on a a variety of topical subjects.  

Day Four: Integration

This session introduces a model that correlates individual development to that of organisations; the group explores different ways organisations evolve for impact and influence.

Leadership is considered in the broadest possible: one that connects the personal to the global and incorporates legacy and impact.

Lead facilitators: Jenny Devine and Sandy Burgham 

"Alumni@Play has taken things to another level for me.. connections with like-minded inquisitive individuals who are ready to jump on and play has been amazing.  Depth and breadth of conversation/connections and challenges… also allowed us to practice some conversations in a safe space and support and mentoring that’s just so valuable and empowering".

- Janice, CEO, Health Sector

"Loved the experience of playing with this mixed Alumni Group. We hit the ground running and went deep into the mahi, much helped by our already common language, experience and understanding from our first leadership course with Play Co-Lab and trust in Sandy and Jenny. You get what you put into this work and it was a pleasure to work with fellow leaders who actively supported each other to take the next step. Just do it!"

- Alison, Senior Leader,  Health Sector

"The alumni programme was curated with an amazing bunch of humans that became instant friends. My biggest takeaway as we navigated adult development and organisational development stages, is how much society has become tribal and polarised….we need to realise how similar we all are as a human race rather than be defined by our differences. To take this away leaves me with more work still but I feel richer for it, Love Sandy and Jenny and their work." 

- Michael, Dad and Independent Property Investment Consultant

"I felt like I needed, and was ready for, a Jenny and Sandy tune up. The experience of Alumni@Play  was surprisingly brilliant for different reasons. As a collection of individuals who had already done Leadership@Play,  meant we each knew what we were up for and everyone in the room had their hearts and minds open to the work from minute 1/day 1. Not a moment was wasted…..our Alumni group are still in touch 7 months on. I'm still using the tools from Leadership@Play and Alumni@Play. I highly recommend the Alumni experience!"

- Dana, Leader, Entertainment sector

“I thought my mind was blown when I attended the original Leadership@Play course which became a pivotal moment in my leadership journey but the Alumni@Play course was next level! It built on the key learnings I picked up on the original course and pushed me even deeper. I thoroughly recommend taking up the opportunity to revisit your learnings from the first course, learn a whole lot more and with a new group of highly engaged, passionate leaders. Months later I’m still reflecting on what I learnt on the alumni course and it continues to shape the type of leader I am”. 

- Garth, HoD,  Public Sector

"What a privilege to re-engage with what we know is powerful content.  Also a chance to be challenged on ... your shit! Those things you've started believing about yourself again.  It was like taking that next big step forward".
- Steve, CTO, Retail

“Through the guidance and generosity of the alumni group, understanding of self and the ability to be open to changing perspectives has significantly reduced frustration ,anxiety and disappointment living in this changing and complex world.

I was not able to get there by myself. The group is king! do it!"

- Russell, Director, Investment Services

"If the first course was transformational, the Alumni course worked to drive deeper into a new way of thinking and tapping into myself, my intuition and the how I connect with the world around me.
It challenged me, shook me up and gave me new tools at just the right time , to use in my personal life and career.
I’m forever thankful for finding this work that Sandy and Jenny have created, I’m sure I would still be leading aimlessly without it.

And I’ve met another amazing group of people through the Alumni course."

- Vinny, Company Director, Marketing Communications.

Dates and Details 

  • Cost per participant $3,500 plus GST
    Includes all workshop and admin expenses. 

  • Location: Play CoLab, Level 8, 187 Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Lead Facilitators/Coaches: Sandy Burgham & Jenny Devine.

  • Each group consists of around 8-10  people from different sectors and different previous Play CoLab courses.

  • Next course: late 2023


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