Alumni@Play 2022

Course Information

Deepening the Experience of Human Development

One Evening + Four Days

At its core, Alumni@Play, ponders the role and impact of the individual leader ‘from the personal to the global’ as we more fully explore social conditioning in the midst of extrinsic systems.


This four-day course uses a sense and respond approach so while a core concept anchors the day, the participants themselves contribute to the course structure and content. Thus it may be that during or after this course, there are complementary group sessions or one-on-one sessions facilitated by the group themselves. We leave the possibilities open and hand over the trajectory to the participants.

Intro Evening - Tues 21 June (5pm-9pm) 

This evening session sets the tone for how the group will play over the months ahead. It is a more challenging introduction than course one as we find alumni groups tend to be ready to play more fully from the get-go.

Day One: Shadow Integration and False Beliefs - Wed 22 June (9am-5pm)

Taking our lead from the evening session, this session dives straight into pattern-making and pattern-breaking. We will use the group coaching techniques all will have experienced in Part One to enable deeper insight into ego/self. Warning: triggers ahead…


Day Two: Deeper look at the Stages of Adult Development and Stages of Organisational Development - Thurs 23 June (9am-5pm)

We know that the sort of leadership development we offer can have a rocking chair effect, i.e. at some point during and après course, you will have experienced a centering in that desired self-authored way of being, only to find that a situation triggers your return to reactivity. That’s normal – a real change in developmental stage is always preceded by a number of state changes.
This day introduces a deeper look at stages of adult development using a complementary model to the Kegan model introduced in Part One. It breaks down stages further so participants can get a more specific understanding on how they are playing and why.


We also introduce a model that correlates development to organisations as entities and as a group explore different ways organisations evolve for impact and influence.

Day Three: Leading through Polarisation, Tues 5 July (9am-5pm)

​​In this session we link organisational culture to the systems in which they operate. This sharpens understanding on narratives relating to diversity and inclusion and potentially disrupts entrenched worldviews on a a variety of topical subjects.

We consider leadership in the broadest possible context: one that connects the personal to the global and incorporates legacy and impact.


We explore what it really means to be a servant leader though the understanding of the Integral Leadership space.

Day Four: Integration, AUGUST date TBC (9am-8pm incl. dinner)

The final day of the course culminates with a challenge of who I am being. We dive deeper into the concept of the Hero’s Journey mythical narrative in the framing of the story of your own life.

Lead facilitators: Jenny Devine and Sandy Burgham 

"I came into this thinking I had done a significant amount of work in becoming a conscious leader, so now was my time to start impacting bigger change at a greater level. How wrong could I have been! I realised that I had so much more work to do on the inner game before I would be able to impact greater change. I realised that the lack of connection with my mind to my physical being was holding my leadership capabilities back as the whole 'me' wasn't coming into the role. I realised that every single moment my ego took hold even if for a second, I was missing that moment to create a positive ripple effect. All of those revelations came during participating in Alumni@Play and it has taken me to a much deeper level again. Thank you Jenny and Sandy you've had such a profound impact on my leadership journey." - Jane 

"Coming together with fellow Play CoLab alumni is a powerful experience. It helped me gain more insight into the learning from my initial course. The quality of the conversations and honesty of the group taught me so much more." - Craig


  • Cost per participant $3,500 plus GST
    Includes all workshop and admin expenses. 

  • Location: Play CoLab, Level 8, 187 Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Lead Facilitators/Coaches: Sandy Burgham & Jenny Devine. Each group consists of around 8 people from different sectors.


We have designed this course so the in-person days can also be experienced as two half days online should we need to respond to a Covid outbreak. Please be prepared to share your vaccination status with Play CoLab.