The Contemporary Leader

Introductory Course

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Featuring Play CoLab’s core course work

This foundational leadership development programme features relevant and impactful techniques that activate leadership in real-time. Curated specifically to be accessible for those in their 20s-early 30s, this programme draws its core content from our Leadership@Play programme including the understanding of the ego, the Leadership Circle 360 Profile, and the communication competencies of coaching and presenting.

Beach Balls

Might this be you? 

You are in your 20s-early 30s and are in an established role where progression is important to you. While you might enjoy your current role you are unsure where you may eventually want to end up, i.e, you have started some sort of career but want to make a contribution in a more impactful or simply a different way.

This is likely your first foray into professional development or any professional development you have experienced, has been limited to your industry or networking events and seminars. 


You also may be stuck due to self-doubt, fear, repeated patterns tripping you up, feedback that has left you flummoxed or simply need guidance on where to go next.


You could do with some sort of ‘toolkit’ for immediate use to enhance how you play with others and perform in the workplace.

Desired Outcome

A more expansive leadership mindset and readiness to play in a far bigger way, and a new extended collegial network that’s with you all the way. Simply put, we aim to build a strong foundation not just from which to lead but from which to live, work and play.


Lead Facilitator: Jenna Wee

Co-Facilitators: Sandy Burgham and Jenny Devine

Meet the team here.

Course Guide

Sessions 1 & 2: The Inner Game (9am-5pm, 2 day module)

Facilitators: Jenna Wee & Jenny Devine

The course begins as the group experiences a facilitated introduction to one another and the Play CoLab team. We explore contemporary leadership and where you sit within it.

We nail the real habits of being that are keeping you both safe and stuck and explore such questions as: How come certain people and situations trigger you? How do you get a handle on this? During Day 1 we explore the concept of ego in relation to self, who you really are. This is not about what you are doing as a manager or leader but who you are being.

All participants will undergo a 360 evaluation using The Leadership Circle Profile to understand their leadership strengths and further clarify key de-railers. We use the Leadership Circle Profile 360 extensively, because it is the only 360 that is set in a context of adult development and is correlated to exceptional leadership.

This workshop unpacks the Leadership Circle so you fully understand which habitual ways of being will potentially propel you forward and which will hold you back.

Following week: Individual 60 min 1:1 coaching with Jenna Wee

Session 3: The Outer Game (9am-5pm)

Facilitators: Jenna Wee & Sandy Burgham

So how attentive are you regarding the world in which you live, work and play? Human beings are social beings who are in a constant state of communication with others. But communication is a learnt skill and to really have lasting impact with less effort we must learn to a) ask the questions that count b) listen to more than what is being said and c) hold a space through our presence. This highly experiential workshop gives you the tools to step into courageous conversations that have the power to transform any situation.

Between sessions: Individual coaching with Jenna Wee

Session 4: Integration/Final Day (9am-9pm)

Facilitators: Jenna Wee & Sandy Burgham

Our final session looks to integrate all concepts explored and challenges each participant to show up and be seen in a far more authentic light than ever before. 
This part of the course ends with a celebratory dinner. 

Online Group Coaching Follow Up Sessions x 2

Facilitator: Jenna Wee

After the main part of the course ends, the group stays together for 2 x one hour facilitated group coaching sessions. 

Hard Candy

Working with Play really changed my perspective on how I see myself and the people and planet around me. They used well-researched ideas to open my eyes to my biases and how I view success. I am looking forward to using the ideas to fast-track my progress towards becoming the person and leader I know I can be.

- Rebecca


  • Cost per participant $4,000 plus GST
    Includes coaching, workshops, The Leadership Circle evaluation and debrief + all other admin expenses.


  • Location: Play CoLab, Level 8, 187 Queen Street, Auckland.

  • NB: The groups of around 4-5 people are curated in a particular way. While there is diversity of sector and backgrounds, there will be a commonality in life stage or organisational position. We speak with all candidates and their executive sponsors before confirming their participation to ensure the workshops are the right leadership development approach for them.

2021 Course Dates

1.    Mon 16 Aug 9am-5pm
2.    Tues 17 Aug 9am-5pm
[1:1 Coaching session via Zoom] 
3.    Fri 27 Aug 9am-5pm
[1:1 Coaching session via Zoom or post-course] 
4.    Mon 13 Sept 9am-8/9pm (incl. celebratory dinner together) 

Note that there is some flexibility on dates. As the cohort numbers are small, so we can usually accommodate a date clash if we know in advance.

Play CoLab plans in six monthly cycles so at any point in time we may only commit to what is currently on offer.