Push Play

A personal development, group-coaching experience for those in their early to mid 20s.

This highly interactive, collaborative group coaching experience aims to unmask habits and beliefs that might be getting in the way of personal growth and progress. In a rapidly changing and uncertain world, consider this programme an opportunity to reframe and explore the way in which we navigate life.


Participants will be guided through a programme consisting of 5 x regular 3-hour workshops.


This group coaching experience is designed for those who:

  • might have recently finished Uni and are asking "so, what's next?"

  • might have a job but are questioning what their "purpose" is and/or you may even be feeling disillusioned with work in general

  • would benefit from having a deeper/meaningful experience with some new peers

  • are stuck in a state of comparing themselves to others (and perhaps not feeling all that great about it) 

  • are open to deepening their sense of connection (with self and with others) 

  • essentially, are looking to get unstuck and get stuck in.

Desired Outcome

Clarity, ease and insights for those who are ready to explore their own potential. An expansive shift in mindset and a strong foundation when approaching how to live, work and play. 

The Group Process

While it may feel that one is navigating this world alone, we are social beings. Because of this, working within a group process accelerates growth and Play CoLab has developed an expertise in optimising “group process” - and is supported by individual coaching and mentoring sessions.

As the course progresses, the peer group provides a supportive environment that extends beyond the course itself i.e, it is fairly common for us to receive feedback that participants have found a network that’s uniquely and deeply connected. Push Play offers the potential to form new friendships where you feel you can speak freely about the important stuff that matters. The programme process lays the foundation for new and enduring friendships.


Our Push Play pilot group will consist of 3-5 participants. Jenna Wee (Certified Coach and two-time Play CoLab course alumna) will guide you through the programme. Read more about Jenna here


Note, we speak with all candidates before confirming their participation to ensure this programme is the suitable development approach for the candidate. 

Programme Guide



A facilitated introduction to one another. This session has us exploring our stories, belief systems, our “current state of stuckness” and wellbeing. Participants are introduced to shadow-work and we begin to consider body consciousness, flow, and presence. 

< 1-week break>



What conversation are you avoiding right now? We explore impactful communication and challenge participants to be more intentional in the way you ask questions, listen and more effectively hold space for yourself. Participants gain a practical toolkit that includes how to have more powerful courageous conversations. 

< 1-week break>



What does it mean to flourish and what might that feel like? What external factors are influencing what and how you make decisions?

We consider the areas in your life that may feel stagnant and what it might take to get things flowing. 

< 1-week break>



We explore what ‘ideal work’ looks like for you and play with what you enjoy, believe and value. Participants leave this session with a much clearer idea of what’s possible in the terms of ‘work’, and will have declared their intention and commitment of which the group will hold each other accountable before the Impact session.  

< 4-week break>



Our final session sees the group reflecting on progress and insights so far. We consider how the participant can take their learnings into the world and play in an impactful, fulfilling way. 


1:1 Coaching

Each participant will have one 90 minute individual coaching session with Jenna which will be booked following the first workshop.


  • Pilot course cost per participant: $550 ex. gst. Includes workshops, coaching & admin expenses. Flexible payment plans available. 

  • Location: Play CoLab, Level 8, 187 Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Mid-March session kick-off date TBC. Due to the limited size of the group, there is some flexibility with dates and times. Note that sessions will run for around 3 hours each and it's usually easy to accommodate any date/time clashes. 


If you open yourself up and embrace everything that is made available, you will come out the other side in much better shape to tackle whatever life and work throw at you.

Nick B., Advertising