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Mentoring@Play has been designed for those in their 20s who are keen to develop their skills and discover new ways to navigate their life path in a rapidly changing and uncertain world. 

This is about exposing the egoic response to whatever life throws and expanding the worldview of the participant so they understand themselves and those around them on a deeper/meaningful level. This is the best place from which to build a productive and fulfilling life. Many in this age cohort find themselves living with a different set of pressures to their previous generational counterparts (“get a career”! “find your passion”!).  This can contribute to high levels of anxiety and a new phenomena – the quarter-life crisis.

This highly interactive, collaborative programme aims to unmask habits that may have participants feeling stuck and provides a sense of clarity to help them navigate through this life-stage and beyond.

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Might this be you? 

  • You are in your early-mid 20s, you might have recently graduated, be in your first or second job. Or not. 

  • You may be unsure about which direction to take and might even be feeling disillusioned with what work itself might mean for you. This might have compounded since the global pandemic has tipped the world not just into a recession but for many, triggered a rethink about their core values and what is important. This alone may have impacted how you might envisage a working life.

  • There may be specific skills you would like to learn, such as communicating confidently and with impact, navigating personal and professional relationships, and developing routines to improve your resilience, mental health and general wellbeing.

  • You may be feeling stuck due to self-doubt, fear, repeated patterns tripping you up, conflicting advice or simply need guidance on where to go next.

  • A sort of ‘toolkit’ for immediate use to enhance how to move forward in the workplace or life, in general, would be useful to you.

  • You might also be interested in meeting new people outside of your current work and social circles who span different lifestyles, backgrounds, experience and sectors who might open up new insights into the world around you. The idea of forming a trusted community outside your immediate peer group by participating in the program may also be appealing to you.

Our desired outcome for you: a sense of greater self-understanding, self-comfort, and connection alongside a more expansive mindset and readiness to play in a far bigger way.

The Group Process

While it may feel that one is navigating this world alone, we are social beings. Because of this, working within a group process accelerates growth and Play CoLab has developed an expertise in optimising “group process” which is supported by individual coaching and mentoring sessions.

As the course progresses the peer group provides a supportive environment that extends beyond the course itself i.e, it is fairly common for us to receive feedback that participants have found a network that’s uniquely and deeply connected. Mentoring@Play offers the potential to form new friendships where you feel you can speak freely about the important stuff that matters. The programme process often lays the foundation for new and enduring friendships.

Note, the groups are curated in a particular way. While there is diversity of backgrounds, there will be a commonality in life stage and willingness to play.


Our Mentoring@Play group will consist of around 8-10 people. Our two lead facilitators Jenna Wee and Yolande Dewey will guide you through the programme and we will have guest appearances from other Play CoLab collaborators along the way. Read more about us here

Note, if relevant or appropriate, we also speak with the candidate’s sponsor before confirming their participation to ensure the workshops are the right development approach for the candidate.

Programme Guide

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

Introduction Evening (5pm-9pmThe group comes together for a facilitated introduction to one another.

The Inner Game (9am-5pm)

Session 2 focuses on our habits/patterns and internal ways of being. We go deeper into the concepts of ego in relation to “self” but rather than focussing too much on theory, we aim to cut through to the ‘real stuff’ fast. 

  • We consider fundamental belief systems and the beliefs that are propelling you forward and those that are holding you back.

  • We explore how and why certain people and situations trigger you and how being conscious of your reactions can have a transformational outcome. 

  • We consider the integration of mind/body/soul and delve into the concept of body consciousness.

The Work Game (half day) 

In this half-day session, we explore what ‘ideal work’ looks like for you and play with what you enjoy, believe and value. Participants leave this session with a much clearer idea of what’s possible in the terms of ‘work’, as well as being armed with material for their one-on-one session with Yolande. 

> 2-week break & 1:1 Creative Mentoring with Yolande

Session 4 & 5

Communication, 2-day module (9am-5pm)

We explore impactful communication through highly experiential workshops that challenge you to be more attentive to how you ask questions, listen, and more effectively “hold your space” in a conversation, social or work gathering.

Participants will gain a practical toolkit that includes how to have more powerful and courageous conversations and gain insight into how these can change the trajectory of a situation in a few short minutes. 

> 2-week break & 1:1 Coaching with Jenna

Session 6 

Integration (9am-9pm)

Our final session draws all the themes together while we consider how the participant and the cohort can take their individual and collective learnings into the world and play in an impactful, fulfilling way.

And finally, we enjoy a celebratory dinner.

> 3-month break before online session

Session 7 & 8


There are two follow up online sessions at 3 and 6-month touchpoints after the main course ends. Play CoLab alumni are also invited to join our alumni salon events. 


  • Cost per participant $2,2000 plus gst
    Includes coaching, workshops and all other admin expenses. Payment plans available. 


  • Location: Play CoLab, Level 8, 187 Queen Street, Auckland.

  • Register your interest for our 2021 intake by enquiring below. 

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If you open yourself up and embrace everything that is made available, you will come out the other side in much better shape to tackle whatever life and work throw at you.

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