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Leadership Unlock (online)

Course Information


Based on 8 years of learnings with over 60 groups of executives, this course has been designed as an affordable and accessible way to get the fundamental wake up call that is needed to really shift and accelerate leadership impact.

Play CoLab curates a small group of around 10 individuals and guides them through an online programme designed to dive deep into subconscious belief patterns that hold each back. Once this awareness is attained each participant is given a full Leadership 360 using the Leadership Circle Profile tool so they can understand the impact their inner operating system has on their leadership. 

This is supported and supplemented by an individual one on one debrief and coaching session.

Participants may choose to go on to join an Alumni@Play cohort or supplement their leadership journey with one of Play CoLab’s coaching collaborators.

Is The Leadership Unlock right for you? 

  • You’re busy and have limited time to invest in development…but you know you need something to help you break through patterns occurring in the workplace.

  • You are self-aware enough to know that repeated patterns may be tripping you up and may even have had some feedback about your leadership that has left you flummoxed or out of ideas on how to really shift you and/or your team’s output and impact.

  • You have a limited budget and might be supplementing company investment or self-funding your own development.

  • You may have had some professional development or leadership coaching already but sense the need for something perhaps deeper and more fundamental to shift the way you play.

  • You’re a bit nervous about opening up in front of strangers.

  • From the outside you look like you’re doing well in your career but on the inside sense you need to know yourself better so you can demonstrate greater leadership mastery in the workplace

Dates and Details:

  • INTRO AND GETTING STARTED:Tuesday October 8,  8am-9.30am

  • Participants start the online self-directed process

  • MID COURSE CHECK IN  Thursday October 31, 8am -10 am

  • Participants have the opportunity for group coaching and Q&A as they progress through the self-directed portion of the course

  • REFLECTIONS and THE LEADERSHIP CONNECTION Thursday November 14, 8am-11am

  • Participants have completed the online self-directed portion of the course. This session allows time for reflection and q and a before an introduction to The Leadership Circle Profile 360.

  • Each participant receives their 360 online and is given half an hour to absorb before the group coheres together for reflection.

  • OPENING UP TO LEADERSHIP Friday November 15,  8am-11am

  • The group dives deeper into the Leadership lessons contained in the Leadership Circle Profile.

  • INDIVIDUAL DEBRIEFS w/c 18 November

  • Each  participant receives an individual one on one debrief with a Leadership Circle Profile certified coach.

  • THE ROAD AHEAD Thursday November 28,  8am-10.30 am

  • A session of insight integration, reflection and intention setting as each participant senses how they need to play in the months ahead.

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