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Shadow Work Made Simple

Online Course

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The big shift

Play CoLab alumni in both public and in-house executive team development courses have cited shadow work  as a fundamental game changer. Thus, the intention of this online course is to make shadow work accessible to anyone. People don't have to see  themselves as a leader as such;  at the end of the day we are all human beings. 

So what is shadow work?

Shadow work brings hidden parts of a person’s unconscious into their conscious awareness. It is about releasing patterns of being that have often inadvertently held a person back. Hence, shadow work supports people to play in new and unfamiliar ways that can have a transformative impact on their life and leadership.

What draws people to do shadow work? 

People often feel stuck in some way or sense something just isn't sitting right within them. Often when they take the time to look deeper, they start noticing a repeated pattern - perhaps another job not going to plan, another boss or employee that doesn't appreciate them, or in their personal lives unresolved drama in relationships or perhaps ongoing issues and stress about money or maybe it's just an overall continued feeling of dissatisfaction in one or more parts of their life even if they are also aware that on paper there is nothing really to complain about. 

Shadow work is for all these types of things; indeed  it is a critical part of adult development.  as it begins to separate out fact from the beliefs, meanings, narratives and stories that shape our identity.

What are the benefits of shadow work?


  • It builds rapid insight into the self as well as the development of lifelong self-reflective capabilities.

  • It transforms relationships including those that are challenging and even dysfunctional.

  • It builds resilience, self-accountability and  self responsibility.

  • It enhances the capacity to move to more expansive levels of self-awareness and emotional maturity

How this course works:

Shadow Work Made Simple is a ten module online course featuring videos and animations to explain the process as well as meditation and reflections to support the process. 

The course is self-directed and self-paced. While this course can be completed in as little as 21 days, participants have recommended that the chapters and lessons be spread out over a two month period. It’s entirely up to the participant


Course Details

Cost: NZ$750 incl GST per person*

Dates: Anytime! 


*Group discounts for workplaces including introductory and follow up workshops

Shadow Work Made Simple Testimonials:

  • "My self-belief has grown hugely which has been reiterated very recently by fellow work colleagues - even last week was told by two different people that any ECE centre is very lucky to have me - so self-affirming." Angela Johnston, Early Childhood Sector

  • "This has been an amazing experience , I feel like there is so much to learn & take in that I would need to go through it again to get even deeper. Thank you" Jo Murphy, Commercial Manager, Construction Industry

  • "A very clean and clear methodology to unwrap my internal clutter and unconscious behavior….Such a wonderful learning experience. Even after having read  books that share some of these familiar ideas and concepts, this course gave me the framework to actually work through them methodically. It gave me the opportunity to truly apply them in my life." V, Gherman, Creative Industries, USA 

  • "The course opened up a few deeper understandings about myself and my behaviours. But it’s a lot more than that . It's opened up a search for a spiritual awakening. I have changed a lot of my thinking and behaviours as a result." Ric, Creative Industries

  • “ 10/10. I am so grateful I got given this opportunity to test it. I have and would highly recommend it to everyone.” Marwin Saliero, Personal Trainer/Actor"

  • 10/10 LOVE IT. exactly what I was after… It made me understand myself more. It made me see the stories that I tell myself. It made me take accountability for my life and my feelings.” Veronika Skrypal, Product Manager

  • “ It expanded my knowledge and depth of understanding of the work and of me… the impact? Enlightenment and Joy at coming back to do this Mahi and continue to do it.” Helen Milner, Creative Brand Strategist, Wellington, NZ

  • “ HUGE impact. I have more understanding and tools on how to manage my ego, my personal and professional relationships. This has been life changing. I have also included journaling and 10 mins of meditation into my everyday morning routine because of this course. This has helped sharpen the skill of self-observation and awareness.”

  • “ Much greater awareness of my response to others and understanding this in order to consider what this may mean and how I could do things differently. Also understanding that when people are upset at things I do or say, why might that be, so they can adapt and change rather than simply having the emotions attached.” Michael, GP, Auckland, New Zealand

  • “ Each time I work through these exercises they have more impact and I understand them more. I seem to be able to let go of a bit more of my inhibitions, I’m not sure if this is because I’ve done some of the work before or because I am doing it by myself rather than in a group." - Anna Mulvaney, Auckland NZ

  • Very useful post the in-person course as I found it supplemented my learning. The online version gave me time to digest, think, process, pause whilst having the in-person course experience to draw from” -Tania Ng-van Paddenburg, HR Director, New Zealand

To be fully aware and embracing of all that is within and consciously seeking to be all that we can be, is our most noble quest.” 
- Carl Gustav Jung
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